one2free Local Prepaid SIM Card ($48)


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Product Description

Services Charges (Deducted immediately from the stored-value)
Calls and FeaturesLocal call:
$0.05/min (Daily 9:00pm - 11.59am)
$0.12/min (Daily 12:00nn - 8.59pm)
IDD call1:
- To China

$2/min(Mon - Fri:9:00am - 8:59pm)
$1/min(Mon - Fri:9:00pm - 8:59am; Sat & Sun: full day)

- To other countriesIDD 1718 / IDD 001
Video call2:
- Local$1/min (Intra)
$2/min (Inter)
- To other countries

International video call charges

Roaming Service:
-China and other countries charges
Local Caller Number Display:
Free of charge
Roaming Caller Number Display:
Free of charge
All Call Forwarding$0.05/forwarded min(Daily 9:00pm - 11:59am)
$0.12/forwarded min(Daily 12:00nn - 8:59pm)
Call Waiting3:
Free of charge
Voice Mail:
Short Message Service (SMS)
Local SMS:
To CSL Customers4: $0.1/SMS
To other local users: $0.7/SMS
International SMS
(sent from HK):
To China: $0.5/SMS
To other countries: $1.8/SMS
Roaming SMS:
$3/SMS (sent to HK and other countries)
Bubble Talk Service5:
To CSL Customers4: $0.5/message
To other local users: $0.8/message
To local mobile number/email: $1/MMS
To overseas mobile number: $3/MMS
Value-added Services
Multi-Media Package6:
$5/30 days
Info Channel Service:
Free of charge
Information Download:
Mass Calling:
$1/call + local airtime charge
Infoline <90060xxxxxx>:
$1/6 sec. + local airtime charge
Government license and administration fee:
-180 days
Maximum stored-value limit:-$5000



  • Remarks

    1.For IDD calls local airtime charge $0.12/min applies in addition to IDD charge and these charges are calculated on a per 1-minute basis.
    2.Applicable to selected 3G handsets and under 3G coverage only.
    3.Call charges apply to all calls connected.
    4.Include CSL; 1O1O; one2free & New World Mobility customers.
    5.From 13/10/09 voice minutes will be charged for recording & receiving BubbleTalk message. Additional HomeCall charges apply when sending or listening to a BubbleTalk message while roaming overseas.
    6.Services can only be used locally.
    7.The Government license & administration fee will be charged at $2.5 for every 30 days. The first 30 days of related fee will be free upon activation of card.
    8.Validity will be extended for 180 days from the date of recharge upon every recharge of $50 or above.